Saturday, 31 December 2011

The End is Nigh!? Nay.

I had a good hard think about 2012, what with all the rage in the news about "the end of everything." I don't believe that one bit, even the Mayans regarded it more ass the end of an era.

Now, here's a question for you folks; what are your New Year's Resolutions usually? Are they like mine each year: lose weight, buy a house, pass driving test, save enough money to go on holiday?

So, in appreciation of the new era, I thought I'd do things... a new way. Why not add some little things in, things you don't normally think about, things that are easy to do, that you'd like to do, that you've been meaning to do?

 This year, starting as soon as the year begins, I'm going to send off a message in a bottle. I'm going to do some more sketching - stream of conciousness art (anything that comes into your head, do a brief, fast sketch - an idea of the item/person and move swiftly onto the next thing, just to see what happens). And finally, I'm going to find a nice pebble on the beach - then post it to my friend in the US, just to confuse him.

 So, what about you? How will you mark the beginning of a new age? If you're stuck, this might give you some ideas: 50 things everyone should know how to do.

The Mayan tourist board have got it right: "We don't think the world will end. But come and see our culture before it's too late - just in case we're wrong."

By the way - Happy Birthday Bogle!

On a personal note, this will be the last post I make all year, as I will be otherwise occupied for the most part with excessive drinking, partying and such.

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