Thursday, 23 February 2012

Back in the Bank

Good news! I'm back at work - thus the delay in active posting.

My SRN (Salary Reference Number) is now back online according to Human Resources automated line -my software still needs rebuilding, but at least I am officially earning as of 08:45 each morning.

Hopefully they won't bugger up my core programme this time - it'll be a shock if I get all my processes back within the first three weeks. Every time they switch my sector, I lose a lot of my peripheral utilities and it's a nuisance getting everything reset. Crumbs - I sound like a proper cog in the machine. Get me, the Banker Cyborg...

 But now the dragons are punishing me for being a Bad Lizard Mummy and abandoning them all day. None of them want their dinners because I served it at the wrong time. Ayammasorrie! I has work... You know that, it always used to be this way...

Mind you, one of the picket line looks like she might break away and go crazy very soon - those blueberries I left on top of her salad are looking tastier by the minute.

All glossy and black and juicy... Mmmmm...,

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