Monday, 27 February 2012

Trouser Trouble


I deliberately bought three pairs of IDENTICAL trousers because I finally found a pair that fit.

For those of you that don't know, I'm very tall. Regularly described as "the big girl", or more politely "the Amazonian", I stack in at very slightly shy of six foot tall. Finding trousers is somewhat of a trial for me, because most shops  have stopped doing "tall" or "long" styles - choosing to snip the legs off at a measly 31" to save money and material.

(My mother does not have this problem. At 4' 11" and three quarters she has no trouble with things being too short. I must never remember the "three quarters", but I do have to tolerate a lot of jibes about the size of my shoes and their relative similarity to seafaring vehicles.)

Anyway, so I found some good, navy work trousers in the right size - I need them for work. The first pair are perfect, I wore them happily for work, very comfortable then put them in the wash.

This morning I pulled on second pair, which are supposed to be identical to the first - same line, same batch, same shop... but I can't get them to fasten. I'm now worried - they're a LONG was from fastening.

Worried, as I'm now running a bit late, I drag them off, lob them on the chair and hoik on the third, matching, navy blue bought-from-the-same-shop-in-the-same-style pair. And find the same problem. They're about two sizes too small. Crap.

So I went to work wearing the first pair, still wet from the washing machine. Wonderful.

In other news, the picket line crumbled - the blueberries finally got to Sandy. Once she'd given in, the rest rolled their eyes and figured there was no point letting good dinner go to waste.

Update: Apparently this trouser-problem is happening a lot at the store in question - they're getting a lot of returns. I responded "Well, that's just fine and dandy, but what am I to do for work trousers? There's no way in hell I'm a twenty and I'm not buying bloody twenties just because your damn manufacturer can't be consistent. I have my pride! I'm fat, but not THAT fat thank-you-very-bloody-much!"

She advised me to go to Tesco instead. They have good trousers there and are the right sizes. Great...

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