Monday, 6 February 2012

Spam Spam SPAM!

I LOVE spam. I love cold callers, Jehovah's witnesses, junk mail, door-to-doors, random messages and simply ridiculous posts. I saw a simply classic effort on SofaScientist today:

"This article will play you some tips when using the internet to vikingman dating in florida friendfinder!
Dating is like anything else, if you are not oven-ready it shows and that is the pattern affair you want. So lets sick with down to the tips of Matured Dating Online Help's.

Myriad are anxious back pronouncement a rendezvous with the commandeer of the internet. The gold medal ease you exploit a Matured Dating Online Service it can be a speck brazenness wracking, but relax it is not difficult. Being nervous is a sound and adult sex dating in riverdale nebraska - average retaliation, this shows that you are earnest and a physical person.

You need to manipulate emotions or else you may not ever be expert to find love. So modulate, receipts a fervent hint and log into the Adult Dating Online Service."

Well, I just had to reply: "If you are not oven-ready it shows"?!? Well, I'm "sick with down to the tips" when I see this mangle of the English language! I'd do something about it, but I think I might be a bit "speck brazenness wracking" when it comes to challenging spammers - or is that an "average retaliation"?

 Modulate your actions people!

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