Monday, 20 February 2012

Foliage - Fantastic - Plastic

I happened to drop into Dunelm Mill's soft furnishing store on the way to Tesco today, and discovered that they're selling some great fake leaves! I couldn't resist the chance to improve Terry's rather bald looking vivarium - well, at least until the rest of the plants start catching up and filling the space out a bit more. Mind you, I'm pleased to say that both the new ferns are really taking off, spindling up swirly cute fronds (you can see them where the white labels are), and that I've finally got my full dual lighting rig completed.

Anyway, I got three of these big foam based plastic banana leaves and two sets of the rubber frondy things that I've put over his waterfall - they'll provide a little more cover and places for him to hide and explore.

I'm also sketching up some ideas for a new bed for him - I'm thinking of suspending a couple of hollowed, hairy coconut shells with some stainless steel chain. It'll give him a challenge and somewhere nice and secluded to sleep during the day.

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