Friday, 2 March 2012

Must be nuts!

I bought Terry a comfy, funky new bed. Two in fact.

A rather nice chap on eBay hollows coconuts and drills them - and he was very happy to do some custom-coconutting for my little gecko.

He put two 35mm entry and exit holes through the sides, and a wee hole in the top. I got clever with some short lengths of sink-plug chain and suspended the resulting swingin' pads from the roof of his vivarium.

Terry's been very pleased with them for multiple reasons - throwing yourself at them makes them swing in a most delightful fashion; geckos are just the right size to fit inside; they're easy to grip on to AND they provide somewhere relatively dark, quiet and less likely to be disturbed than in his usual cluster of fake cheeseplant leaves or under one of the giant banana leaves.

If you keep cresties and fancy rigging up this funky hangout for yourselves, this is where you can get the coconut shells and chains.

Also, after days of being grumpy and bad tempered, Jam started laying the first clutch of eggs.

They're about 2 centimetres long and kind of squishy, yolk all the way through. They're squishy because they're designed to soak up water from the surroundings and double in size.

Apologies, I'm not likely to end up with eight baby dragons - these eggs are all infertile - thankfully. I'm not equipped to handle or home baby beardies - though I believe she's still got eggs left to go. Mind, it's quite normal to take some time between laying.

Any ideas what to do with infertile eggs? Mini omelettes come to mind, but His Lordship has banned me from even considering this thought. Tsam did have a look but thought they were too icky looking and squishy to eat.

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