Friday, 23 March 2012

Bookish Beardie

With the latest, sudden burst in growth, I think Hyphen's realised he's a bit... thick.

For the last couple of evenings, he's been coming up to bed with me and curling up with a good book: Hyphen is enjoying this novel as much as I am, though he still can't work out why there are so many bugs on each bit. They are interesting to watch though.

I'm wondering if the Ella's Organic babyfood purees I've been buying have boosted his brain - he's been having a lot of the pumpkin, apple and blueberry one recently, and blueberries are supposed to be good for mental development...

I do have to say, Ella's organic purees are awesomesauce.  Beardie keepers of the world, take notice: they are squeezy, resealable packets that last a good three days open AND you can freeze them to make them last longer. They also come in several tasty, dragon friendly flavours...

AND they mix really well with dragon medicines or supplements, which is always good. (Plus, Tesco's have them on special offer. WIN!)

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