Saturday, 24 March 2012

Girly Games? HELL no!

So... yeah. I'm a geeky gamer girl. I finally and openly confess it. I know the difference between a D8 and a D20, as well as how many frags loses the game.

Once a fortnight, we meet up at Denz's house (conveniently and literally around the corner from here and directly opposite a good convenience store) to play Battlestar Galactica the Board Game, share a meal and some drinks, and to play naff card games after we all lose spectacularly.

The opposite fortnight, some of the lads come to ours for similar - swapping out Battlestar for DooM. (You can follow our game here if you're really that interested: DooM)

Rumour has it that soon we will be playing Dungeons and Dragons. I know, I know - D&D = Dangerously Dorky, but it was put to the vote. The more intelligent of us kicked ourselves when we realised we probably shouldn't have allowed a vote, but it was too late.

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