Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Random Act of Kindness

My random act of kindness today was to send a big box of 500 crickets to LG the handi-capable beardie and her poorly owner in California.

LG is a little miracle - her owner rescued her as a tiny baby, badly mauled, and managed to fix the poor wee mite up. She's got no arms or legs, just little nubs, but she really gets round and about! (And loves crickets - so they'll be in for a nice surprise!)

Read LG's story

Update from J: "Thankyou so much to "TheDragonKeepers" for sending me that dumptruck of crickets; There must be a couple thousand of them!!! I am keeping them well fed and watered so LG will be able to enjoy them for a while. Will even look into what it takes to get them buggers to breed.

If anyone else is interested in sending LG presents, let me know - I can forward things to them from here for you.

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