Thursday, 15 March 2012

Jam or Egg Sammich?

Jam has a talent for annoying Sandy. Lately, she's decided that Sandy's tank is the perfect place for digging for calcium/tunnels/just digging. Sandy has given up bothering to fend Jam off, as Jam's obsession is far too focussed:
"Goddammit girl, push off and dig in your own tank!" 
.. "sigh..."

She has dropped another batch of eggs - a whacking seventeen infertile eggs this time, causing her to drop in weight by about 20 grams. (And when you're only 370g, that's quite a lot!) She's still digging like a mad thing, haring around in full spring fever and generally being a total pain in the backside, but I find it's impossible to be cross at a dragon when they cheekily pull this face at you.

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