Friday, 16 March 2012

Location, Location? There'll do!

Well, I have the surveyor's report back on the house we want to buy, and so far it's pretty good. There's nothing too surprising on there that we hadn't already guessed at (besides asbestos down pipes, but they can be dealt with cheaply enough) and the valuation came in at exactly what we've offered, so that's also good news.

With the deposit I've got (thanks go to you-know-who), we can even afford the mortgage. It's not a particularly pretty house and a lot needs updating, but it'll do for us and it'll be fun doing it.

More importantly, it will be a house with MY name on the deeds. The first one that I own and can't be taken from me - well, except by the bank of course. But as I work for them anyway and certainly don't intend on defaulting the mortgage...

It's got a reasonable size garden, an alley thing, a big long kitchen that I'm putting my dining room in (after taking down that stupid spare bit of wall) and a long living room area. I'm thinking sofas in the window end and dragons in the other end - laminated floors again, perhaps real wood...

But first the electrics need completely ripping out and replacing and possibly likewise for the heating/boiler system. Goodness - what HAVE I got myself in for?! (Hehehehehhehe...)

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