Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Guess what?

We've been playing a game of  "Guess What" on Google+. It's as simple as that - I try to find the most obscure looking item I can find, snap a pic and let people guess what it could be.

We've had such puzzlers as a jellied pot of gone off sweet and sour sauce, a box of ceramic meerkats, a shot down the neck of a cider bottle and even a darning mushroom - but this one got my favourite response:

My mother was delighted to hear that this was the first response, and poor Clare was mortified (until I explained how amused Mum was). That's Mum's wedding ring - and she's forever taunting my stepfather for it's... interesting look. In all fairness, she does make a good point. 

It DOES look like a curtain ring:

You're welcome to join us on Google+ to play, or ping me an email if you've got a good puzzler for us. (Don't forget to tell me what your picture is, so I can congratulate the person that gets it right!)

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