Friday, 25 November 2011

When a day's a good one, you know it.

It's been a very good day today. As some of you know, it was my last day at work before moving Up North - and it was a cracking good day!

For starters, my favourite author dropped back in and laughed delightedly when I asked with a great deal of awkwardness for his autograph.

Lookit! Tom Holt's autograph! Thanks Mr Holt - I got it framed by my cousin John at FastFrames, in a lovely stylish gold frame.

The lovely folks at work surprised me with this awesome cake. I felt bad about slicing it, but that lizard is really tasty! My boss's friend, Lizzy Cornelius in Yeovil, made it. Her business number is 01935 509002 and she's a very talented cake craftsperson. She used loads of butter icing under the smoothly coloured royal icing, and sculpted it round a supremely moist sponge... Bearing in mind I don't much like sponge, this lady makes a DELICIOUS cake - I want MOAR!

My favourite Customer Advisor was in charge of getting a gift it turns out and I was well impressed with his choice - a simple, elegant architectural pendant of silver and green amber. I was also bought an amber bead bracelet, a Chinese dragon for my charm bracelet and a cute little crocodile brooch.

After work, I promptly went to Razook's the hairdressers and got my freedom colours put in. After all, Boss isn't going to frown at my "inappropriate hairstyle" on Monday.

I went for magenta red, deep violet and this fabulous flamingo pink - the best bit (besides the brilliant choppy cut the stylist put in to make the colours "flash" from under my normal hair colour) is that these rather striking colours have an interesting chemical base - it's UV reactive. Stick me under a black light and I GLOW! Weehee!

And the final bit of grand news to really wrap the day up? I found an update from Taunton Crown Court regarding the case I sat as juror on. Obviously I can't name names (at least, not on here) for public data privacy issues, but the man in question not only abused his stepdaughters and young son, but also had over 50,000 images of child abuse on his computer. Or at least, that's as far as the tech lab got before they got sick of cataloguing them all. The actual figure of videos, pictures and more is much closer to 140,000. I won't go into detail about the video they showed us as an evidential piece, but it was highly, highly disturbing and involved a two year old.

He's been made to sign the register for life and has been given a minimum 13 year prison sentence.

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