Friday, 18 November 2011

Yer money or yer confidential details get handed to spammers!

"Come up with a theme for Children In Need!" They said to me.

Hmm. Pretty tricky - most of my things are already in boxes, and His Lordship's Fancy Bag of Costumes (TM) is right under all of it. So I put my thinkin' cap on. I still have some scurfty clothes I'm using whilst redecorating - what can I do with that...? Yarr, I know! Pirates!

I found an ancient velvet and satin corset that has fallen to bits in the junk room, recommissioned an ancient white polyester shirt, some old bright filmy scarves, fixed my old leather coat and reshaped a battered old leather hat into a tricorn. Raided the charity shops for a bargain waistcoat and found some piratey earrings and some lovely gold eye shadow (that I know I will use again) in Superdrug. And y'know what? That's not bad. Most motley!

Gosh, I'm wonderfully comfortable in this outfit - I may well have to reuse it. Arrr, hand over yer loot. It's going I'm the charity box matey!

Ah. Whoops. I got to work, and realised I wasn't wearing my work jacket. My keys are in my work jacket. So, here we are, all dressed as pirates - breaking into the safe. Hehe... Plunder all the gold! Or, um, not. But on the plus side, Raised £107 on the Rum Raffle for Children in Need today!

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