Thursday, 5 January 2012

Fixin' a Fogger

Most of you probably know that for the last... oooh, year? I've been having to keep my power supply cable in place with a carefully maintained arrangement of elastic bands. But finally, a new £8 bit of cable from Amazon has fixed my laptop! Better yet, it's a straight pin, so I won't knacker it like I do the L pins.

Though it does mean that now I can't really justify a £500 tablet computer I've been eyeing up for some time. Eh, win some, lose some. My £175 little blue PC works beautifully again.

Speaking of fixing things, I fixed my fogger unit. It's one I salvaged from eBay (spares and repairs) quite some time back in a bundle of crap. It needed a new sonic plate, mesh, buffer, ring and fuse - easy when you know how and saved me a few quid. It's been in my cupboard for ... blimey, must be about eight years now, waiting for me to make use of it.

I'm planning to install this in the fountain unit now I've got that all fixed too (I even upgraded the fountain pump) - I love being a terrarium twiddler.

As it uses an extraordinary amount of water, I'll only be using it for show - you couldn't run it permanently for fear of flooding out the substrate and burning out the sonic plates.

 Someone asked me earlier why lizards seem to like window sills...

Well, from a dragon's perspective, windows are great, because there's so much to look at - the roof of human vivaria is a funny colour, it changes a lot and sometimes the pretty white bits move. The plants move (and are WAY bigger!) - even our heatspot moves. There are sometimes other humans outside (though we don't go bob at them and chase them out of our territory - very odd. Must be a more passive species, they often wave at each other - wussies.) and big shiny noisy things that look like moving vivariums, but with smaller windows. Weird.

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