Friday, 20 January 2012

Horrible Housework

Oh dear... I'm turning into a right housewife whilst I'm out of work. I swept the floors - with a broom! I even hoovered all the dragon tanks and polished their water bowls. FSM help me, I even wielded a DUSTER today.

Mind you, the house looks kinda... tidy. But I suppose there's only so long you can keep sending out applications before you start to realise you're now sending them to jobs you've already applied for. I wonder if that helps?
Between hunting down a job to apply for, following up and chasing down a potential employers, I've been trying my damndest to get the "Splat-A-Sloth" trophy.
As you can see, it's not exactly consistent - the top one really puzzled me. Though not nearly as much as when I finally hit a perfect score - can you see the green puppet?! I still haven't got my trophy (and I'm not sure why) but I'll keep trying.

If you're going to do something, do it properly eh?

Unlike these guys. Close, but no cigar.

 Oh! Oh EUUUUUUU.... I have dealt with some really, really disgusting things in my time - but this is the new top of my list; picture the scene - I have my wet 'n' dry dustbuster in hand, happily cleaning up a dried poop from Mocha's tank... When suddenly there is this bad, loud "ZING/SPLUTCH" combination sound. I'm suddenly coated in stinky, slimy, snotty bits of unidentified matter.

 Closer investigation discovers that a medium sized slug had sneaked into the dustbuster through the nozzle, eaten some of the dust and crap on the sponge, then happily gone to sleep BEHIND the sponge.

 Whereupon it had an unpleasant awakening when my 'buster promptly sucked it through the engine, through the propeller blades and disintegrated it into little, sticky bits of slug goo.

 All over the floor. Mocha's tank. My clothes. My skin. MY HAIR. BLAURGH! WTF?!?! YURRRRRGH!

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