Monday, 23 January 2012

I'm a terrarist. I keep terrariums.

I realised that my new project is seriously transcontinental: I now have a gorgeous Chinese "crystal" vivarium for my New Caledonian Crested Gecko (who was bred in Somerset). I ordered some wonderful ferns shipped from Ireland which will be watered by my German luxury "Lucky Reptile" misting systems and lit by the specialist lighting units I'm importing from the Netherlands. I also added a Canadian waterfall and a Malaysian fogger unit...

Anyway, all this equals one very happy little gecko - once he gets used to the idea.

Yeah. Geckos don't like change - Terry spent three days swearing at a new plant in his old tank, edging round as far away from it as possible, going "FFFF! Fffff! ffff!"

So he was deeply unhappy once I put him into a whole new house.

"Hey, wait. That looks like... that looks like MY plant. What have you DONE?!"

Poor Terry. But he'll get over himself and appreciate what I've done.

Better yet, it won't need to change a huge amount for the next however long needed - and as geckos can live fifteen to twenty years (possibly more!) he will be a very happy little lizard indeed.

In fact, once he'd had a nap on a vine for a bit, he discovered that there's a lot more vine in here. Bouncy vines. Bouncy vines that are fun to jump around on!

Ooh! And a pile of rocks with water - with which you can really annoy the owner by sneaking round the back and peeping cheekily over the top. Heh, but I'll have the last laugh when the shongololos move in - he won't want to be stuffing himself under piles of leaves - otherwise he's going to get walked on by very large arthropods!

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