Thursday, 12 January 2012

Postcards and Positions (vacant)

The surprise I was arranging arrived yesterday. I got a call from my mother, almost exclusively made of a loud, excitable "EEEEEE!" with much giggling.

As some of you know, I enjoy sending my mother bizarre things in the post; a fresh lemon with a smiley face, a dried snakeskin, etc - and I landed the best one this week, with a little help from a friend. This morning, my mother received a postcard, simply saying "To Emma, love Amber."

 Sent and signed by her favourite author, Jasper Fforde!

 He's a lovely chap and was more than happy to help out - he has a love of the surreal, and this was right up his street - needless to say, my mum was delighted!

In other news, I'm not sure how well my interview went today, but the lady at the Job Centre was a little gobsmacked. After updating my details (which were at least five years out of date!) she asked me "What have you done to find a job this week?"

Well... "I've used six different job sites, applied for forty jobs, and had three interviews. One this morning in fact."

I'm also waiting to hear back if I've landed a different job, three months data input and checking - if I get it. so should His Lordship. We've agreed to join the firm as a team, as we have work styles that will compliment each other nicely: he has a talent figures, and I can data confirm the barcodes and references at astonishing speeds. It's only temporary, but it's better than nothing!

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