Monday, 9 January 2012

Perfectly Patient?

What a dull day... I was expecting two deliveries and a phone call today - none of which showed up. It turns out that one of my deliveries has been delayed and should arrive tomorrow and the other one, Terry's new vivarium, has been returned to the sender by the courier after they broke it. And forgot to tell me. Niiiice.

Hopefully my actual work will get back to me soon, but as someone in HR really messed up and deleted my Employee Reference, they're having to treat me as a potential new member of staff. Thankfully I was prepared for this sort of thing, but my savings won't last me forever.

Also, I'm running out of work to apply for, having blitzed out 21 applications in the last couple of days.

So, I spent the rest of today cleaning - I got two loads of washing done, the backlog of pots in the kitchen, His Lordship's "laptop" table, the entire downstairs floors... Oh, the thrilling life I lead!

Hah. For months Sandy has turned her nose up at the pink Dragon Bites I offer them all for hand-fed snacks - today I got naffed off with it and dumped the remains into her bowl rather than bother holding it out for her. And half an hour later, I've just seen her with her head in the bowl, chowing down with gusto! Awkward bloody lizard.

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