Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Or not, as it turns out.

Five of the six survived - something really heavy had been dropped on the box, but that's not the bit that threw me. They're not very black. More kind of bluey-yellowy with red arrows down their backs.

More kind of like Vietnamese Rainbow Millipedes. Adult ones.

Hmm. Well, I rang my supplier and he was a bit surprised and annoyed - I paid £46, which according to him means I would have got the 'pedes at discounted price anyway. As they're Viets, I've got them for half price and he's really going to bash some ears over it.

Thankfully I'm pretty sure I can care for them - I'm not inclined to rip my newly planted jungle apart to find them again!

He's sending me out four of the RIGHT species to arrive on Friday for £33 instead, which is the right price. Mostly. The website was badly out of date, so I've got 3 at £20 which I shouldn't have, but I've paid full price for the last one and half postage.

That works out quite nicely - I was considering getting some Rainbows anyway, and they should live quite happily with the African Giants.

Whilst you'e here, I really recommend you guys have a look at THIS- it's a 360 degree interactive photograph of the night sky. It's amazing... A truly new perspective on the universe we live in. Excuse me, I'm going back to play. I've just seen a pretty red little galaxy I want a closer look at.

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