Monday, 16 January 2012

You got WHAT for your birthday?!

I had a grand birthday - or rather, two of them, as we celebrated at my Mum's house early.

I LOVE the way Mum does turkey - peeled lemon slices and a thick coat of bacon - most, most delicious. One of my presents was a jar of English Provender cranberry sauce, so I'm very happy indeed. Mind you, one of my presents was a big bag of lightweight compost. But that's ok, it's exactly what I wanted!

You see, on Wednesday I'm having this vivarium delivered - an almighty badboy of a tank, all the way from China.

Terry is getting a major upgrade for his old, broken vivarium; the new one is a metre high by a meter wide. It'll take some time to build as I have the coco fibre backing to install, the ground layers to build and to figure out how best to suspend all the new vines for the gecko to leap around on, but I'm sure it's going to look fantastic when I'm done.

I also got a nice big box of my favourite makeup from Mum, LOTS of chocolate, taken to see the film I've been desperate to see since it came out (Sherlock Holmes, A Game of Shadows - great stuff!) and given a multitude of vouchers. The M&S one bought us a marvellous lunch and I'm looking forwards to using my Da Vinci's voucher.

I do have to write another important post - but I'll do that a little later. The sun doesn't always shine, and today is not a day entirely populated by daffodils and halcyon skies. It was lovely though - thanks.

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