Saturday, 28 January 2012

Jammy little madam!

I'd like to introduce Jam - one of my reptilian god children whom has moved in with us, as her current owner is moving to a smaller house.

My friend Wills rescued her after he went into a house to retrieve a snake - he found her living in a two foot wooden tea chest with just a heat mat, suffering from MBD -  a bone disease like lizardy osteoporosis caused by lack of vitamin D - she didn't have a UV light in that crate. Her eyesight was also in poor condition due to a "bad" type of bulb, but thankfully we'd caught it early enough.

She IS still super-licky as a result though; dragons use their sense of taste to tell them a lot about their environment and she'd become quite reliant on it whilst her eyes were damaged. The lickiness is just habit now and is very cute!

Wills did a marvellous job on treating her MBD - besides a little stiffness and a slightly quirky mouth shape, she's in surprisingly good shape. She'll need extra calcium supplements for most of her life and work to overcome her pickiness and dragon-antisocial-ness, but I think we can manage that!

Yes, my sister helped me come to an utterly funky name: Jam SRT10 - that makes her a Jammy Dodge-r!

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