Sunday, 18 January 2009

Dreams, Driving, Dismay and Derision!

I had a dream that His Lordship was stuck under an exploded rocket, and 999 told me to ring Domino's Pizzas for their 555 deal - they'd give him a lift faster than the ambulance. "I'm sorry, you're just in a really bad area." Little bit puzzled by that one.

Driving to work was interesting - the wind has been significantly more blustery than it has been. It got to the point where I was just bombing along with blind hope. Consider how hanging on to the wing of an in-flight aeroplane must feel. It's kind of like that when you hit a hard headwind - and the lorries create a massive, damp sideblast somewhat akin to being hit with a queensized mattress. Also, I stand by what I have said MANY a time - I have been conned conned I tell you into moving Down South by the promise of warmer climates. Yeah blocks! I will not be so naive in the future, as it has been down to minus 10 on several occasions here. My hometown hasn't been that cold all year. The ice has been interesting; I was driving down the dual carriageway when I spotted my visor was freezing over. I wiped it - and realised the frost was INSIDE. By the time I got to work, I had frost in my visor, on my carbon-fibred knuckles, on my knees and all over my seat - so much so my bag slid off and the sudden sun caused my helmet to steam.

Our BBC license fee is paying for a wonderful new sport to be shown on TV: Walking. Impressed? Me neither. I really don't mind advert breaks, when you bear in mind that BBC put advert of their own between their programmes. I often find myself looking at the clock, see it nearing one of the quarters and think "ooh, I'll put the kettle on/I'll go to the loo/I'll grab the ironing etc" - only to discover that 10 mins after that, the programme is STILL going and I'm busting for a wee.

B&Q's plans came back and I shan't be doing the bathroom until the argumentative housemate goes. I'm fed up with the fight, and B&Q are trying to charge £1,800 to install the damn thing. I don't think so somehow. It's very pretty, but that doesn't justify an install that costs more than 3 times as much as the suite! Talking of arguments though, we've won one against him. Our freezer is gradually getting dodgier, for example my diced chicken wasn't actually frozen after a night in there, and the bread was soft. I happened to mention a very pretty freezer I'd spotted (NOT that I was intending on buying it, I just said it looked nice, an LG something) and George went off on one that it was fine. Hehehehe. I really can't believe he rummaged around in our stuff to prove me wrong. He found His Lordship's crappy Skinny Cow "Creamy Dessert" that I refused to eat on the point that it tastes AWFUL and discovered it to be liquidy. He quietly replaced it and retreated wordlessly to his domain. I've been laughing all week! (Pic: small things can be important, take each little win as a great prize!)
Quote of the Day: "I am no longer at risk of being called a bloody nuisance. I am a bloody nuisance." - The Prince of Wales

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