Friday, 23 January 2009

Mystifying Mould?

I have finally cured Kyle's phobia of water - I put BOTH lizards in the bath at the same time. She's too busy watching how Tsam deals with it to worry about it too much. She watches him powering happily up and down the length of the bath and next thing I know she's having a go herself! Poor Tsam though, he got stood on plenty of times as she used him as a diving board. Thankfully he enjoys swimming underwater, otherwise he'd be quite upset each time she stomps on his head! They're both sleepy little babies as the weather is cold and glum, but they do so like their locusts. (Pic: "Yeahhh sexy man-reptile!)
We now officially have crazy huge teev, and it looks lovely. I'd forgotten it has Freeview AND HD built in! Teev doesn't like Tax adverts - it seems to deliberately wait for those to go bleupbleupbleup over the woman speaking! It seems to be happier with the old digibox in - even though the old box isn't feeding signal, just providing a powered aerial. But at least it's not like the rest of the house.

As you already know, the freezer is dodgy, the shower is broken, and as a rule there's black mouldy stuff in a large percentage of the house. I also recently discovered there's a hole in Georges ceiling from the flat roof and water coming in has made a pair of his trainers go mouldy! It seems the true cause of the mould has been discovered - our dodgy bathroom fan is dodgier than we thought. We had the electrician in to put a hygrometer switch in (to turn the fan on automatically when it gets too damp in the bathroom) - when he told us he couldn't. Why not? Because apparently someone cut corners fitting it. In fairness, I hadn't thought to ever look up at the bathroom wall outside, but come to think of it - I've never seen the outlet to the fan vent. Thus the truth is revealed - there IS no outlet to the vent. The fan powers the moisture into the cavity wall where the waste pipe for the plumbing runs which then seeps through the cavities making the insulation in the roof damp. Ergo, a losing battle to the mould! Hurray!

I asked the woman in the bookstore where I could find the self-help books and she said that would defeat the purpose! -astraya

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