Thursday, 29 January 2009

Party In A Box!

If I fiddled with the new teev, I could have a NIB HD LCD LG TV. With 3G, DVD, CD, MP3 and HDMI. Tinker a bit more to add AC. Mmmm. Acronymy. Also, our nice teev plays lovely patterns like this.

Today I stuck a brown peanut M&M up His Lordship's left nostril. He sat there with it for a while until it fell out. Then he ate it. I should have picked a green one...

Talking of chocolate, I got a Party In A Box this morning! I have to say, it is awesemo. Packing chocolate makes a lovely change from packing peanuts and Jellytot cakes are a huge thumbs up by the way. I spent hours playing with the bubbles, jiggling my new frog brooch, playing with a variety of sticky geckoes and we've balloons scattered here and there (His Lordship blew one up with a "hfffffff" then twoinked it off the end of the bed). I have a pack of party hats! I've got party clothes, party food, party decorations... it's a proper party in a box. Mmm, pine fresh and balloon tennis!

Awww. My article for Neopets was rejected this week, but I have to try again later. It's a food guide to Neopia, whipping you around the virtual planet to try dishes in every country and speciality bistro, restaurant and diner.

It's a big QOTD today, so linkied:

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