Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Home and Thanks!

A slightly belated Happy New Year to all! I am returned to the South, and have opened my remaining presents. Thank you very much for my Present-Wreck, and the blue pots are lovely!The chicken Nan gave us is brilliant fun, as we set traps for people with it. Mandarth came round and had to move it to put his computer on the table and swore at it when it yelled "HEY!" at him. I got both the the housemates and Himself previously with much the same thing. Kyle thinks it's funny to sit on. The cuddly frog went down very well with Himself - He's spent a surprising amount of time with it on His head for some reason. Pic: Local AND National News! The Holleys sculpt two bushes into a magnificent pud.

We took down the Christmas tree on the first and packed it away safely. It took its revenge by chucking around bits of gold, so His Lordship put each collection of branches in their own Jiffy-bags. Genius I tell you! Will make rebuilding it a doddle. Then we wrapped all the delicate glass baubles in newspaper, including my brother's Cadbury's Carrot and ravelled the lights up on old pizza box pieces. Before we put my big suitcase style cardboard box in the attic, I nipped to the garden centre and bought some wicked baubles for next year with some of my Christmas money. Next year will be peacock colours. I found sequinned baubles sparkling like fish scales, kitsch feathered peacocks with embroidery bead jewellery, purple, green and blue individuals and metallic greeny-blue glass ones that look like someone stuck magic in glass globes...

Ky loves locusts, has learned to climb up and down the stairs and is still terrified of water (but improving - the bathtub seems to help.) and Tsam still loves water and is improving his swimming in the bathtub. He even took a bath with me recently and had a whale of a time swimming up and and blowing bubbles before taking a huge poo. Fortunately I got out just in time.

Since returning to work it seems I'm being shipped to South Petherton for a while. Which is nice. The hours are shorter for the same pay and being as they're still making me do Saturdays at Yeovil I'll be able to charge the petrol to expenses.

Quote of the YEAR: "We not only saved the world..." - Gordon Brown draws howls of derision from the Opposition during Prime Minster's Questions. He meant to say 'banks'.

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