Saturday, 31 January 2009

Wibbly and Wonderful!

We've discovered that the ketchup bottle sounds just like a creaky pirate ship when you leave it on the bedside table. It makes a funny little skeeching noise. But I'm not worried about that today, because I'm having lemon and lime jelly with custard for breakfast, out of my Party-In-A-Box! It wibbles in wonderful circles when you empty it out of the pot. (image:

We also had a spectacular pizza dinner. His Lordship's turned up lovely. Mine turned up on the wrong base, with the wrong sauce, with the wrong dippers and with the wrong toppings. It was quite spectacular, but at least they got the cheese and pepperoni on it. Ah well! My lovely bloke quickly did up some mushrooms to go on it. He also did a magnificent starter of garlic and herb crunchy topped mushrooms with cheese. It was as good as the ones they serve in my favourite restaurant - thank you honey! So my pizza was all fixed up - AND classy. One Million Bonus Points.

Quote of the day:
"Violets are red,
Roses are green.
There's something wrong
with my TV screen..." - from a random TV show.

With slightly more taste to the arts, I have found myself entranced by Robert Tiso's magic. The particular clip posted here is Bedřich Smetana "Moldeau", but Tiso also pulls off amazing feats such as Tchaikovsky's "Dance of the Sugar Plum Faerie", as well as Bach, Strauss and Beethoven. Bearing in mind these are played on drinking glasses, I'm extremely impressed. Bravissimo Mr Tiso, Bravo.

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