Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Ahzez ponim! (Impudent fellow!)

Ah, sweet befuddlement retaliation! I visited my mother today to drop off presents (and have managed to get myself invited for Christmas dinner there as well - two for me tomorrow!) and tuck into some lovely salmon. After we'd finished, a little knock came on the door. My brother stuck his head out and this solitary little boy started singing. Well, my mother and I looked at each other, caught my sister along the way and stood at the door singing "Hava Nagila!" back at him, complete with little dance. Serve the little beggar right, in my opinion you should at least have two mates with you to go carol singing.

We're very proud of my brother, he's developing a wonderful Jewish nose like the rest of us. My Yiddish may be schreklech, but Bubbe doesn't mind. "Hava, hava nagila, hava nagila....!"

(Bild fun

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