Friday, 12 December 2008

Brainy Beardies...?

Wow, I've just read back from the beginning of my blog - and how different things were. I genuinely forgot how much I liked working at Thorntons. I have to admit, I've missed home a lot, but then I've always been distracted by other things, like this Gvt fiasco. How much is so different, and how much is so, so the same. Reading back, I see how much my writing style has changed - but I also see WHY it has changed. Most days are pretty samey-samey as opposed to at the very beginning, just the one job is less insane and the sensitivity of a lot of it's nature means I can't blog most of the few and far between funnies, more's the pity.

But then this isn't an exciting industry as chocolate was. I have a "responsible, grown-up" job now. And frankly, it's a bit boring. I either walk or bike to work every day, so I'm never late - the buses were a wonderful source of entertainment and frustration I note. I can only apologise for supposedly maturing, and I hope it doesn't mean I got boring along the way. I know there was a few months of: "Did this. Watched this. Read this." where I seemed to have ended up in a blender with a newspaper, and for this I apologise and hope I sprinkled it with some chuckles along the way. I'll work past that stage, if I haven't already! Yay Tin Foil!

Oooh... Oh! Hurray! Ky worked out the Dragon Hut on her own! For the last few days, every time she's dug in a corner, I've popped her into the hut. Repeatedly she's shot out of it and tried to go back to sleep in a corner, but I've put her back in it again. I deliberately put it in her favourite sleepy spot, and I think Ky's got the idea. She was thinking about going to sleep under the fire and spent some minutes digging at the chickenwire until she realised she couldn't dig under, over, around or through it and mooched off. As she wandered past the hut, she paused and looked at it. Wandered over. Licked it, licked it again for good measure and then climbed in on her own! A quick turn in a circle, a few digs in the sides and on the heatmat... And she's curled up to go to sleep. It's a miracle! Tsam was also amazing today, he didn't fight me when I needed to clip his claws. He was too busy trying to bob at Kyle and watch what His Lordship was doing on the computer at the same time to take much notice.

Thank you very much Mum! You know we all love you too, and if there's anything we can do for you, you just say!

Quote of the Day: *click-click-click* - Dragon sat on my shoulder trying to secretly chew my hair.

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