Friday, 19 December 2008

ifdjhgsllvg (A random selection of letters. I shut my eyes and everything.)

I bought His Lordship a treat to make Him smile. I came home, where the lovely man had been washing up and cooking dinner, told Him to shut His eyes and hold His hands out. Poor bloke nearly fell over when I dumped a three kilo bag of his favourite lollies in His arms! It's like a pillowcase of sugar and sticks. It's keep Him quiet for a while anyway. Hank stuck his head round the door and said: "Have you got enough lollies?"

A girl at work made me laugh today, because she was complaining about her boyfriend being horrible to her. "He won't let me go out most of the time and keeps calling me unreliable." Well, I thought out loud, what reason has he to say that? Turns out that's because she cheats on him. I did point out that it might be fair to call her unreliable, given the circumstances>, to which she replied: "No it's not, I cheat on him every weekend - I'm very reliable!" I do wonder sometimes...

Mind you, we were arguing the viability of the online shops. The general consensus from the others was that there are shops already out there. I said: "Well, what about the agoraphobics?" He turned round and said: "Ah, shoot em all. Better yet, take em outside and shoot em all."

And if that wasn't random enough for you, try! The coinflipper is great. Randomised image from too. Random position by mousewiggling.

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