Tuesday, 16 December 2008

הר מגידו (Armageddon)

If Armageddon ever hits us, (Or Armegg - adon as my Deaconess grandmother pronounces it) then I know our house is safe. We were discussing what to do in case of the event and discovered that our friend who plays with his balls in public can supply us with chainsaws, flamethrowers and nailguns with 20% discount. I suppose I ought to clarify the last comment a little - he's a contact juggler with a crystal ball, not persons committing an arrestable offence. Personally, I think the Apocalypse may have started already. Let's face it, one of our greatist "mystic" cultures, the Mayans, say that the end of time should be December 21, 2012. Perhaps we're just warming up for it. Global disaster takes time, as this financial fiasco shows. (image: img252.imageshack.us/img252/4637/armageddon29zb.jpg) Looking at the Four Horsemen, and putting it into a more modern light:

We've had the white horse, with our politicians and world leaders predicting wonderful things to save the situation we're in - and then it doesn't happen. False prophets. (Or negative profits - that's funnier!) I mean, look at this ridiculous thing with No VAT. What a waste of money. I'm not seeing supermarkets knocking off the pennies. Maybe not Pestilence, but politicians are definitely pests.

Famine is probably summed up by the lack of money. All the cash seems to have vanished away somewhere, leaving us lower echelons ever poorer. Businesses are going bust, jobs are vanishing, prices are rocketing, savings are becoming worthless. How long until people are so poor we will ALL starve? Or perhaps it's due to our dependency on material things? A famine of inspiration, simple ideals...

The red horse of war comes in closely mingled with the black horse of disease. Mugabe says that the Zimbabwe cholera outbreak is down to the British in a "calculated, racist attack" bringing "a serious biological, chemical war force, a genocidal onslaught." (Image- Blackhorsedesign.com

Related Comment/Quote: "It would be very final, wouldn't it?" - Himself.

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