Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Travelling by Train. Oh and Tesco's

Many a time the Sheffield Pumpkin has looked after us, whether it's in bad weather or enduring train delays and bad tempered customers, and still they do a wonderful job of serving hot food and a warm seat. And they do a lovely hazelnut hot chocolate... Thanks guys, I'll be sure to come back next trip!

Ah, the North. It was a smooth, hassle-free journey for once, and I'd move here today if I could.

For example I forgot how HUGE the Tesco's are here (and there's three of them). Heaven! I know, I know, I have but small dreams - but I do love Tesco's. I can't wait for Christmas, when they bring back the little herby cheesy nibble things. The biggest one just outside of town not only has two floors, escalators and a tech department bigger than my entire house, but it has THREE reduced sections. So of course we grabbed reduced-price lemon cheesecake slices, vegetable crisps and a big bag of chilli Hula Hoops.

Which was a revelation in itself - they made Hula Hoops bigger. Seems to me that it's a sad portrayal of modern day obesity when they deliberately have to make crisps bigger to fit on fatter fingers... Yes, that is my thumb.

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